AppSec Finding Database

The AppSec Findings Database is the largest collection of professionally-written application security findings and testing techniques available on the Internet today. This database is the result of years of experience testing and presenting application security findings to clients, many of which have been Fortune 500 companies. Now we are happy to make this extensive collection available to you.

What makes the AppSec Findings Database different than other sources of information such as OWASP is that the information is tailored specifically for application security reports. Use these findings directly in your client reports and use our advanced and efficient testing techniques to report more findings.

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What is included?

  • A complete set of client-ready and report-ready findings
  • A description of the issue
  • A detailed discussion of risk and impact
  • Recommended risk rating
  • Best practice recommendations for remediations
  • Sample screenshots
  • How to test for it
  • Time saving tips and tricks for testers
  • Gotchas – Advice on how to stay out of trouble such as not missing a finding or when to expect push-back from clients or employers.
  • Current references
  • Discussions about the finding with other members
  • Ability to ask questions of the AppSec io team


Moe Askari, Security Director

The AppSec Findings Database has been an invaluable tool for me and my team. The quality of our reports have improved and the test cases have helped our team find more vulnerabilities.


What are the benefits of subscribing?

  • Gain access to a large collection of professionally-written, client-ready application security findings
  • Immediately improve the quality of your application security reports
  • Increase the overall number of findings in your reports
  • Learn how to test for specific findings
  • Increase your knowledge and value as an application security professional
  • Learn tips and tricks of the trade from our years of experience as testers
  • Comment on and discuss findings with other security professionals


What is the cost?

  • The AppSec findings database costs $14.99 a month
  • Try it free for 7 days with a money back guarantee if you are not happy


View a sample of the database findings

Insufficient Attack Protection

Unrestricted File Upload

Stored XSS


SameSite Not Set


See all the findings as a list


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